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For an exciting, dynamic and intriguing parlour or stage show, that's full of audience participation. Welcome to the breathtaking, awesome world of the Stewart Flex mind magic show,, full of wonder as he takes his audience into the realms of the esoteric, the strange and the impossible. Thoughts are revealed, plucked out of thin air. Demonstrations of the sixth sense and the down right devilishly impossible are presented, in a fun, entertaining manner, that is sure to not only captivate any audience, but leave them speechless and spellbound. 

Perfect for both small parlour groups of up to 30 guests, to larger groups of guests and more.  Stewart provides both a 1 hour show and a 1.5 hour show, which is split into two 40 minute acts with a 10 minute interlude for refreshments.

All PA, speaker and mic equipment is provided.

Contact for details and availability.  CONTACT